About LaTrax
LaTrax was founded in 1974 by Jim Jenkins, father of present day Traxxas owner and CEO, Mike Jenkins. The LaTrax company was a successful pioneer and innovator in radio control during the seventies. LaTrax built high-performance, fully assembled ready-to-run models with digital-proportional control and easy-to-use wheel radios…a unique feature at the time. LaTrax models were widely available and affordable to a large range of enthusiastic consumers. Today, LaTrax is powered by Traxxas and is staying true to its heritage by offering fun, high-quality, radio-controlled models that are backed by world-class Traxxas customer support, and priced under $200. LaTrax delivers the perfect combination of great value, leading performance, ease of use, and award-winning support that make radio control fun for everybody.

Traxxas is the world's leading manufacturer of hobby-quality radio control vehicles, with award-winning models ranging from 100+mph electric supercars to engine-powered, nitro-burning monster trucks that represent the peak of technological sophistication. To explore the full-line of high-performance Traxxas cars, trucks, and boats visit Traxxas.com. Traxxas is The Fastest Name in Radio Control.