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(1) Posting post any profanity (harsh or mild) in the TOPIC/SUBJECT of your post.

(2) Personal attacks. Anything between you and another user qualifies for personal e-mail. Please don't clutter our community just to say one thing to another person.

(3) Anything that could interfere with the viewing of the forum by other members - including any Java or Java script, MARQUEE or other page altering tags.

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System Abuse

Without limitation, you agree not to send, create or reply to so called mailbombs (i.e., emailing copies of a single message to many users, or sending large or multiple files or messages to a single user with malicious intent) or engage in spamming (i.e., unsolicited e-mailing for business or other purposes) or undertake any other activity which may adversely effect the operation or enjoyment of this site by any other person.


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Traxxas, reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or any part of this site with or without notice, and/or to establish general guidelines and limitations on their use.

Forum Objectives

We have created this forum to provide a friendly, easy-to navigate online community for R/C enthusiasts to share useful and entertaining information about their R/C cars, trucks, and boats. All participants are welcome so long as they follow the rules, maintain their sense of humor and do not do anything to interrupt the flow of good, positive information about the R/C Hobby. Traxxas supplies this forum as a helpful, fun, and free service for the participants. If the message forum is abused and good posting guidelines are consistently ignored, then it could be removed.

The most important rule of all:

The most important rule to remember is to not say anything to another member via the Traxxas forum that you wouldn't say to that person if he/she were standing right in front of you. If it helps, then imagine that person is much larger and meaner than you. If you can't say anything nice, or offer criticism in a useful, constructive manner, then simply move on and don't reply to the post. Traxxas moderators/marshals will remove pointless inflammatory posts and you could quickly find yourself banned if you persist. Do your part to make the moderator's jobs easy.

General Guidelines For The Good Poster

People who frequent message boards have developed their own set of etiquette and manners for good posting within the forums. If you are new to message forums, then please adhere to the following guidelines. Following these few simple rules will help you post like a pro right from the start.

Try to keep your remarks positive. If you don't have anything good to say about one topic, then simply pass it and move onto the next. If you must criticize, do it in a constructive manner, not in a harsh, condescending one. If you have had a bad day, please don't try take it out on the forum members. Pointless criticism and bashing only makes you look bad and will certainly get the attention of the moderator.

Help out the new guys. Remember that everyone was beginner once. The faster you feed new people with good information, the faster they will become good contributing members of the forum. Posts that put down and ridicule "newbies" or attempt to run them out of the forum are not allowed. Other forum members will look up to you for being helpful to novices and ignore you for being arrogant and insulting. What type of person do you want other forum members (and the moderators) to see you as?

Do not attempt to artificially increase your post count with one-line posts. Some members try to attach prestige to themselves by the number of posts they have made. They will use many pointless, one-line posts to inflate their post count. An example might be posting just to say, "I agree" or "My thoughts exactly". These kinds of posts do not offer much to the discussion and take up valuable space in the forum. Try to advance the discussion with relevant input each time you post. Other forum members will appreciate you for it.

Do not post anything in a topic where it doesn't belong. For example, don't ask a question about your electric Rustler in the T-Maxx forum. Other members won't take you seriously and moderators will just move or delete the post.

Stick with topics that are related to R/C models only. We want to keep our forum all about R/C related interests. If you wish to change the subject, then please use another forum.

Be specific when posting topic and subject headings. Don't use topic headings such as "LOOOOOK!!!!" or "HELP!!!!!!!!!" The whole point of posting is to get your post read. Vague topic headings may cause other members to ignore your post. If you need help with an engine for example, then title the topic "I need engine help." You will get much better response, and the forum will be much easier to read. Moderators may rename topics if the heading has nothing to do with the subject.

Do not type in ALL CAPS. Typing in all caps will offend forum veterans because they will think that you are YELLING at them.

Practice good grammar and typing skills. Posts that have misspelled words, poor grammar, and SlOppY tYpInG are very difficult to read. Again, the reason you are posting is so that your thought will be read. Moderators may delete the worst examples at their discretion. If English is your second language, then let forum members know so that they can exercise patience when reading your posts.

Keep your sigs (signatures) to three lines (carriage returns) or less, including your name, a quote, and a URL. Sigs cannot be more than three lines total, including wraparounds. Long sigs become annoying and cause other users to need to scroll further down the page.

Do not attempt to bypass the language filters by using $ymbols, *tars, e x t r a s p a c e s, etc. Moderators will delete your entire post. There are kids as well as adults participating in the forum. Keep the Traxxas forum rated "G" for all ages. Be the one to set a good example for others.

Use the Forum Search. Before starting a new topic, use the search function to see if it has already been discussed. Be a good guy and don't make regular forum members have to repeat themselves time and time again.

Discourage the "which is better" type of threads. These topics appear amateurish and often lead to flame wars. Solicit opinions about the products in question and then decide for yourself which is better for you. If the thread becomes an extended flame war, the moderators may lock the topic at their discretion.

Don't abuse the marketplace. We have set up a forum which will allow you to post "for sale" ads. The marketplace forum is for individuals only and is not to be used for commercial advertising purposes. Use this forum to sell your used Traxxas products. Do not use this forum to sell the new T-Maxx parts you are making in your garage. Be sure to read our cautions about purchasing from the marketplace forum.

Do not use the forum to contact Traxxas Customer Support. Posts that deal with warranty and service issues will be removed and then forwarded to the customer support team, increasing the amount of time it takes for you to get a response. If you have support related issues, then call (1-888-TRAXXAS) or e-mail (support@Traxxas.com) to reach our customer support team directly.

Don't believe everything you read. The Traxxas message forum is truly a global community able to accept posts from all over the world. Other than the clearly marked Traxxas moderators, you don't really know who is behind the alias making the post. Many posts contain opinions that may or may not be based on facts or real experience. Use the search function to view the poster's other threads. This may aid you in determining the credibility of the poster's information. Check everything out before you act.

Marketplace Forum

The Marketplace forum is a free service provided to allow you to post "for sale" ads. The marketplace forum is for individuals only and is not to be used for commercial advertising purposes. Only Traxxas products are allowed. Do not use this forum to sell the new T-Maxx parts you are making in your garage.

Buyer Beware! Purchase items in the Marketplace forum at your own risk!

Traxxas does not officially know, promote, certify, or endorse any of the sellers or seller's merchandise. There is always risk involved with purchasing from unknown individuals online. You alone assume all risk and responsibility for those transactions. You alone are responsible for taking necessary precautions to protect yourself from potential internet fraud. Traxxas will play no role whatsoever in transactions initiated by individuals acting on their own behalf in the Marketplace forum.


Traxxas will do everything in its power to monitor and enforce the forum rules. The content of the message forum may not at all times reflect the views, goals, and objectives of Traxxas, it's management, or staff. Traxxas shall not be liable for the forum content, or any consequences resulting from the content of the forum. Read the entire rules for more information. If you find material in the forum that blatantly violates the forum rules, then report it immediately to the subject moderator or the forum administrator at forum@Traxxas.com

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